A little push to get you over the edge of your comfort zone

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Sometimes what you need is a reality check, and I am here to give it to you. In the days of positive thinking, self-affirmations, and the law of attraction, we are not thinking about the bad things that can happen in our life. It is easy to get sucked in the pleasant present and believe that it’s always going to be rosy and happy times are here to stay. There is no sense of urgency, and we think we have so many tomorrow’s to go meet the partner of our dreams or work on that business idea that is going to net us millions of dollars.

Every day you waste, you are stepping further away from your goal and heading closer toward your grave. You have limited time on this planet, and yet you take no action to fulfill your dreams. Instead of basking in the positivity of the affirmations and forgetting about this fact, I want you to wake up and look into the mirror and tell yourself that another day is up and today is for you to seize. Not tomorrow, not after that promotion, not after you are done with your test, not after your kids go to college, not after, but today.

You play video games and complete missions as if your life depends on it. However, in life, you would rather be a bum and just party or sleep all day. Why is that you are serious about seeing a better future for your Sim, however, would rather live a pathetic life yourself. You watch your favorite sport and cheer for your team all day, but never show that zeal for your career or your relationships. You support your political party feverishly but lack the enthusiasm for marketing yourself or your product. You waste your energy and time for all the things that don’t matter and don’t have time for what matters.

Stop making excuses for yourself. You need to take responsibility for your actions as well as inactions. Your family is not slowing you down. Your old parents are not a liability; neither is your sick spouse. Your kids are not stopping you from reaching your goals. These people who love you are not hampering your progress, so stop blaming them and using them as a crutch. Their love should be your drive; their need should fuel the fire inside. They should be ones for whom you spend your sleepless nights, lose track of time, and be the best god damn version of yourself. Do it for them if not for yourself. You are their hero, and today, you are not allowed to hang your cape.

Today is all you have. Tomorrow is just a vague idea that may or may not be there. What if tomorrow you meet with an accident and you are disabled for life. What if tomorrow you are diagnosed with cancer or some other terminal sickness. What if someone in your family meets with such a fate and you don’t have the money to provide for the treatment.

If you are poor and have nothing to show for, the hunger is real. It is physical, and it drives you to go ahead and do whatever it takes to survive. The problem is when you are in the middle; when you have just enough to feel good about yourself, despite living from paycheck to paycheck. You are well fed, lazy, and just going with the flow. You are comfortable and complacent, and inertia prevents you from taking any action.

Take action today

You need to take action to get out of this rut. Take a step, no matter how small towards that thing that you have been postponing. Just begin, and you will soon see steps stacking up to form the stairway of your success.



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