Calculating the factorial of number recursively (Time and Space analysis)

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The factorial of a number is defined as:

f(n) = n * f(n-1) → for all n >0
f(0) = 1 → for n = 0

C++ code:

Time complexity

If we look at the pseudo-code again, added below for convenience. Then we notice that:

  • factorial(0) is only comparison (1 unit of time)
  • factorial(n) is 1 comparison, 1 multiplication, 1 subtraction and time for factorial(n-1)

From the above analysis we can write:

T(n) = T(n — 1) + 3
T(0) = 1

Space complexity

For every call to the recursive function, the state is saved onto the call stack, till the value is computed and returned to the called function.

Here we don’t assign an explicit stack, but an implicit call stack is maintained

f(6) → f(5) → f(4) → f(3) → f(2) → f(1) → f(0)
f(6) → f(5) → f(4) → f(3) → f(2) → f(1)
f(6) → f(5) → f(4) → f(3) → f(2)
f(6) → f(5) → f(4) → f(3)
f(6) → f(5) → f(4)
f(6) → f(5)

The function in bold is the one currently being executed. As you can see for f(6) a stack of 6 is required till the call is made to f(0) and a value is finally computed. Hence for factorial of N, a stack of size N will be implicitly allocated for storing the state of the function calls.

The space complexity of recursive factorial implementation is O(n)

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